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James Carpenter Biography

I’m James Carpenter. I was born and raised in East Chicago, Indiana in 1971. After completing high school, I entered the Army in 1989 and served as a Fire Direction Specialist and Combat lifesaver at Fort Hood, Texas. During my travels overseas I became a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO). In this role, I was responsible for administering primary leadership and care to junior and senior Army leaders on the installation.

As a Staff Sergeant, I served the 1st of the 3rd Field Artillery, Fort Hood and I was deployed to Kuwait to support Operation Enduring Freedom from 1990 to 1991. While serving in the 2nd of the 3rd Artillery Battalion (Germany) in 1996 I was the Training NCO.

In my personal life, I enjoy spending time with his family and friends, hunting, and going to the beach. I love to stay in shape and I’m always at the gym improving my body. I am an avid reader and consume all the industry educational articles I can to also improve my knowledge. I am proud to be a part of teams that play basketball, football, golfing, and duckpin bowling. I cherish date nights with my wife and playtime with the kids.

Sergeant James Carpenter

During my career as a sergeant, I enjoyed helping others and held steadfast about advancing my military education. In 1997 I left the Army and started working in the construction industry. Eventually, I continued to build my leadership skills as a safety manager and Comerica worker. I increased the bottom line of both companies, made a plan for reducing safety accidents, and improved the overall morale of my associates and staff. I still like communicating with people and working in a team to this day. I was trained in inventory and product management.

As a sales agent, I learned what makes a product valuable and easy to sell besides promotion and persuasiveness. I have been working “on the other side” long enough to realize how important marketing and development components are.

In April 2020 I started working for a New Travel tech company that launched in September 2019 called iBoomerang. At iBoomerang we provide up to 70% off travel, cruises, and hotels. As a travel agent professional, I am able to provide four and five-star hotel bookings at 2 and 3-star prices.

Personally, I am always working to acquire more knowledge and skills in our products. I build long-time relationships and increase my customer support and cooperation.

Contact me at the form below for all your travel-related questions and go to ibüümerang (umustsee.net) to see which travel destinations we have for you!