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I am partnered with iBuumerang to give my customers tremendous value in the travel industry. At iBuumerang we provide up to 70% off travel, cruises, and hotels. As a travel agent professional, I am able to provide four and five-star hotel bookings at 2 and 3-star prices.


I offer my clients rideshare in certain cities. Our rideshare offers our customers the ability to choose their selection of music, the temperature of the vehicle, the ability to choose a male or female driver, and the ability to control whether they have a conversation with your driver or not. One can also refer customers and receive points toward their next vacation.


We also offer our clients the ability to become an ambassador at iBuumerang to make and save on travel. We were named the fastest-growing MLM company in 2020. I am certain that joining your team as a customer or ambassador will be a win-win situation. My professional expertise in sales and customer service can provide valuable insights and a fresh perspective on travel services and developments.

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