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I am James Carpenter, a proud travel agent with iBuumerang. At iBuumerang we provide up to discounts on travel, cruises, ridesharing, and hotels. As a travel agent professional, I am able to provide four and five-star hotel bookings at two and three-star prices. Throughout my career, I’ve gained experiences and traveled to places that gave me the knowledge that I have today, and that’s why I’m here to share that with you!

Make your next vacation easy, I offer great travel destinations all over the world at unbeatable prices. Be sure to check our blogs to learn all you need to know about travel. Subscribe for tips and tricks in the travel industry. Learn from an authority in travel today!

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I was born and raised in East Chicago, Indiana in 1971. After completing high school, I entered the Army in 1989 and served as a Fire Direction Specialist and Combat lifesaver at Fort Hood, Texas. During my travels overseas I became a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO). In this role, I was responsible for administering primary leadership and care to junior and senior Army leaders on the installation.As a Staff Sergeant I served the 1st of the 3rd Field Artillery, Fort Hood and I was deployed to Kuwait to support Operation Enduring Freedom from 1990 to 1991. While serving in the 2nd of the 3rd Artillery Battalion (Germany) in 1996 I was the Training NCO.

In my personal life, I enjoy spending time with his family and friends, hunting, and going to the beach. I love to stay in shape and I’m always at the gym improving my body. I am an avid reader and consume all the industry educational articles I can to also improve my knowledge. I am proud to be a part of teams that play basketball, football, golfing, and duckpin bowling. I cherish date nights with my wife and playtime with the kids.

During my career as a sergeant I enjoyed helping others and held steadfast about advancing my military education. In 1997 I left the Army and started working in a construction industry. Eventually I continued to build my leadership skills as a safety manager and Comerica worker. I increased the bottom line of both companies, made a plan for reducing safety accidents, and improved the overall morale of my associates and staff. I still like communicating with people and working in a team to this day. I was trained in inventory and product management.

As a sales agent, I learned what makes a product valuable and easy to sell besides promotion and persuasiveness. I have been working “on the other side” long enough to realize how important marketing and development components are.

In April 2020 I started working for a New Travel tech company that launched in September 2019 called iBoomerang. At iBoomerang we provide up to 70% off travel, cruises, and hotels. Our most popular packages are trips to Hawaii, Las Vegas Packages and those As a travel agent professional I am able to provide four and five star hotel bookings at 2 and 3 star prices.

Personally, I am always working to acquire more knowledge and skills in our products. I build long-time relationships and increase my customer support and cooperation.

What sets Me, James Carpenter, apart?

World Class Leadership & Customer Service

Years of leadership and customer service have taught me how to connect with people of all walks of life to achieve their goals. I take pride in my work and take a compassionate approach.

Hard Work & Dependability are My Cornerstone

My life has been spent by working hard for my customers to achieve their work. My dependability sets me apart. No matter the project I work hard for to meet your needs.

Community & Communication Are Key

I always strive to help others and in doing so communication is key. I care deeply about the health and happiness of our community and I take your travel experience and needs very seriously.

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