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Why you need a travel agent in 2023

Why Travel Agents Matter Even in 2023:

There are several reasons why you need a travel agent in 2023. Travel agents have specialized knowledge of the inside and out of the entire process from flights, to hotels, cruises, ride-share companies, and more. Like other specialists, travel specialists spend years focusing on their craft. Through my affiliation with iBuumerang, I get special deals that most individual people (or other travel agents for that matter) cannot get. Travel also can reduce stress IF you have the time & energy to plan it on your own. Let’s face it, how many of us have as much time as we really need in today’s world to do so? Travel agents in 2023 are still relevant as they can save you more than just time & money. Check out this article to learn more.

You need a travel agent in 2023

Travel Agents Have Specialized Knowledge:

First of all, many travel agents like myself are also travel enthusiasts and enjoy traveling, it’s just not another occupation. Through my time in the Army for close to a decade I traveled the world. This gave me amazing experiences that I would not have otherwise been able to do until I partnered with companies like iBummerang. It changed me as a person & expanded my worldview. Through these experiences, I am able to relate to my clients & help them from my unique perspective. 

A common benefit among travel agents is openness to education learning and just downright having fun, so if you’re into sightseeing, tours, or adventure, a travel agent is right for you! Whether you are a single traveler, or you are traveling with your family, travel agents can point you to areas where you can best use your leisure time. Packages through travel agents are more cost-effective and more personalized to your needs. 

Best Travel Agent in 2023

The personalization aspect cannot be understated. When you’re booking your own vacation you’re at the mercy of the site that you are on. There is nothing tailored to you. When travel agents like myself work with you personally we get to know you & your unique needs. These kinds of personal relationships cannot be fabricated through computer algorithms (yet). 

Many travelers have personal requirements or ailments that prevent them from doing certain things. Not every country is as friendly as us when it comes to having things set up for those of us that are disabled for example. If you have special needs you especially need a travel agent to help navigate you through your options. 

Travel agents usually have connections to getting you group travel discounts, which are widely overlooked by many travelers. Most travel agents not only prefer to give their clients personalized experiences but also want to connect them with unique activities in the areas they are traveling to. Many people (including myself) want to experience the local culture of the area that I am traveling to. Travel agents often have connections not just with major companies but with the locals. This better supports local areas & impoverished nations. 

Eco Tourism is on the rise, which if you don’t know is a fancy way of saying tourism that involves the outdoors. Eco Tourism companies are often run by local family-owned companies. It feels good to support the areas we travel to locally instead of just corporate chains! Eco Tourism is also great for those of us that enjoy being active. Many people are reasonably considered with gaining weight while on vacation. With Eco-Tourism & outdoor activities in general that is FAR less of a concern than ever! Many hotels are also including free fitness training or gyms at their locations too but they don’t always advertise this the way they should. A travel agent will be in the know and will plan all this for you effortlessly! 

Why do you need a travel agent in 2023?

Travel Agents Reduce The Stress In Travel Planning:

There is a lot of stress involved in trip planning. Do you want to spend your time pouring over information or would you rather have someone do that for you? It is very time-consuming to plan your busy schedule around taking time off. If you have a family you might 2 or 3 or more people to have to do that for. A travel agent that is working with you directly understands this. They are there to relieve your stress and give you back your valuable hard-earned time. 

Instead of spending hours over the course of months trying to get every little thing lined up correctly, trust a travel agent to do it for you. With the time you have back, you can better focus on things like packing, picking out the activities you want to do that the travel agents have presented to you, or anything else you’d like. The point is to be stress-free before you go on your trip so you’re not caring that negative energy into your trip experience. We have limited time on this planet, why not enjoy it?! 

Travel agents are needed in 2023

Travel Agents Are Still Relevant in 2023:

Travel agents  in 2023 still matter. No matter what kind of so-called deals large companies will try to throw at you online more often than not it’s the actual travel agents that have the best deals. They are the ones focused on this industry and spend sometimes decades of their life to get the best information and deals on flights, hotels, etc.

My partnership with iBuumerang was a long time in the making and well thought out. This is because they have some of the best deals on travel that most companies do not have. They recently also recently incorporated anti-stress and health products into their company. They know just how important travel & other things can be to helping people live a better more enriched life. That is why I am so passionate about supporting! 


When I work with my clients I take their travel experiences very seriously. It’s my goal to give them the best deals while providing them with an experience that they will never forget. When my clients tell me that they have a life-changing experience in the Caribbean, Europe, etc it is very gratifying. I live vicariously through them! It’s an honor to serve you! For help with all your travel needs contact us today!