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How to travel safely during covid

The holidays are coming up fast and that means it’s time to start making plans for traveling. Many people are planning to stay at home and Zoom their families over the holidays and other people have chosen to celebrate in person. No matter what you decide to do, practice safety all around.

Plan Ahead

Start with planning ahead. This is super important because you want to allow yourself time to know where you are going, how you are going to get there, where you are going to stay and who you are going to see. You will also want to ask your family about quarantine and about vaccinations. This isn’t a political article, so take the precautions that you feel are right for you. Not everyone has the same feelings and that’s okay.

Read About Restrictions

Make sure you do some research for the area where you are headed so that you know what you should bring with you. Many places are starting to require masks again and well, hand sanitizer never hurt anyone, anyways. The rules of 6 feet apart still apply in most places, but some places even require a vaccine card showing that a person has been vaccinated. These are the types of things that you need to research and know about so you don’t go through all the preparation of travel and then find out that you can’t even go or have to deal with a bunch of stress, especially around the holidays.

Get Tested

To keep yourself and your loved ones safe, get tested before you travel. It only takes a small amount of time and it can help to make your family feel more at ease when visiting during these hard times.

Don’t Overstress

The holidays are stressful as is so when it comes to stressing about them and COVID it can easily lead to overstressing. Now that COVID appears to be making its way back into our lives when we all thought maybe it was going away, we are all feeling overwhelmed. When it comes to traveling, ultimately you have to do what y0u feel is right for you, travel or no travel. But, if you do travel, take precautions. Mask up, use sanitizer and stay 6-feet away.

If you have plans to travel this holiday season, let me, James Carpenter Travel be your one-stop shop for all your travel needs.

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