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covid 19 and international travel

Due to the latest CDC announcement, many businesses are now allowing those who have been fully vaccinated to enter their business without a mask on. The same rules apply when it comes to international travel.

The CDC states that one must not travel internationally unless they have been fully vaccinated. Traveling internationally without a vaccination increases the chances of not only getting COVID-19 but spreading it to others as well, especially with new variants popping up all the time.

Some things you should be aware of when traveling internationally while vaccinated:

  • Be sure that you have done your homework. Airline and destination requirements have changed since COVID-19 entered our lives. Requirements that state to wear a mask, to getting tested, to quarantining. Every airline is different so research yours. The same goes for your destination, learn about how COVID-19 has affected where you are going so you know what you will need to do to prepare.
  • When you are traveling, make sure you wear a mask because planes, trains, and buses still require one (even with the CDC’s new announcement). Be sure to follow social distancing guidelines as well.
  • After returning home, it’s important to get tested 3-5 days after travel and self-monitor for COVID-19. The vaccine isn’t a fail-safe, it’s a precaution. It’s important to take safety measures even after getting the vaccine.

These same tips are important if you are traveling without being vaccinated, except it’s recommended that you stay home for 10 days after travel. This helps to make sure you haven’t been infected and so you don’t spread COVID-19 to others.

So, what does fully vaccinated mean?

  • Once a person has received their second dose series (Pfizer or Moderna vaccine) and waited two weeks, they are considered fully vaccinated.
  • Once a person has received their single dose (Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine) and waited two weeks, they are considered fully vaccinated.
  • For people who have a weak immune system due to taking medication or a condition, getting the vaccine doesn’t mean you are fully vaccinated. Talk with your healthcare provider to get more information.

International Travel Restrictions:

Just because one country allows travel doesn’t mean another does. Other countries are being hit hard by COVID-19 and therefore, those countries will have far more restrictions. Again, do your homework to get yourself prepared so you can face any restrictions head-on. Check with your destination’s Office of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Health of the US Department of State to find out more information.

Many destinations around the world are still having people quarantine before and after travel. Most of the globe is. Do some research to see if your destination is requiring masks and quarantine because it saves a lot of headache and worry. Travel safely!

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